Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Let 'Em Ride

I haven't been playing much online poker since my party poker days at college but I've recently been getting into some of the new casino sites that offer table games. A friend of mine recommended a new German casino that is absolutely fabulous. They've got a great blackjack game and my favorite craps. Craps is possibly the most fun table game in casinos and although it's dangerous, can provide hours of fun online. There's nothing like being on a roll in craps. I remember being at the Luxor a few years ago and turning my gas money (that's all I had left after getting killed in blackjack) into a grand on the last night in the casino. The shooter at the table didn't crap out for 2 hours! I'll probably be gambling less after losing a lot in the markets this month but there will always be a place in my heart for that Las Vegas action that you can now get online. This casino is great because not only can I enjoy the gaming, I can also brush up on my German which I've used less and less since my days in Berlin. I'd be wary of spending too much on gambling, but the game play is great and if you can't make it to Vegas or Atlantic City (and you speak German) check our their site for good times. Good Luck!

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