Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Check Into Cash

By Greg Gortz - Featured Journalist and WFR Staff Writer

I like to consider myself a market-savy individual. I keep a watchful eye on the daily high and lows of the DOW, S&P, and of course NASDAQ. I even go as far as to follow the international market – as it seems to be eclipsing our own in terms of ROI at this given time. Even so – we still all make mistakes. I was discussing a particularly poor day with a co-worker of mine over drinks and we got to talking about contingency plans. If, in the event things continue to go south in the market, if the mortgage crisis continues, if I decide to make a few trades online, while slightly buzzed – what then? Well – to be honest – my co-worker and I really didn’t have a contingency plan. Things have been so good for so long and he and I are both so young, we just never had to think about it. So I did a little research on my own – with all the defaults on loans – what were people doing to save their homes? Where were they getting the equity? I found a great website that will offer the Cash advance that many home owners could really use. Maybe it was the night cap I was drinking while doing my research – maybe not – all I know is that my heart was a little warmer knowing that there are Cash advance websites like these out there that can help people who need it most.

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