Thursday, March 13, 2008

I stumbled upon web site today that I thought I'd blog about. It's for a marketing company and it has some good aspects and some bad. The company is Brand Identity Guru out of Boston, Mass. I like the operation board graphic and their work has been highly recommended so they'd probably do a good job. Branding should also be an essential part of your marketing strategy if you want to gain trust in the marketplace and get your product out there. I do have a couple criticisms of the site itself that I thought I would mention. First, the scroll bar on the site doesn't go all the way to the bottom which is a bit annoying. Secondly, the fonts at the bottom are unreadable. It's too bad because they are a great company so it's not a knock on them but on their designer. For a company to be offering free web site consulting I think it's essential Brand Identity Guru have a good layout. I think Brand Identity Guru needs to redo the CSS on this and they should have a great site!

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