Thursday, January 24, 2008

RE/MAX Dream Properties

I bought my first home a few years ago from a RE/MAX agent and couldn't be happier. I've always pondered moving my business to somewhere exotic as all of my work is online and don't need to be tied down to a city. I stumbled across a RE/MAX broker who has amazing properties in St. Thomas and thought I'd browse the listings. Her name is Rosemary Sauter and has a great site with beautiful St Thomas Real Estate. It would be a dream come true to live is such gorgeous surroundings. They have a great selection of luxury homes, commercial real estate, and even private islands. I highly suggest the site if you're looking for St Thomas Real estate or any other dream properties. Although our housing market has been rocked recently, these properties are as beautiful and well worth is even with a bear market in the US. If you have the cash it's worth a look. Check out RE/MAX. Here's her contact info:

Rosemary Sauter:(888)295-3453

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