Friday, November 9, 2007

Ebay Research At Tera Peak

Christmas is quickly approaching and now is the time to research your items before you sell on eBay.

Terapeak is a free ebay research service to help you know the following information:

Find the best time of day, day of week, or month:
Terapeak's eBay research helps eBay sellers know exactly when to list their eBay Buy It Now and bid auctions. This is a common question that eBay sellers pose and one that Terapeak answers precisely.

Price your items for success:
Terapeak helps eBay sellers know what buyers are willing to pay for items on eBay. A successful seller will know when an item is worth selling on eBay and will review the seasonality that exists on eBay to choose the best time to maximize profit.

Choose the best keywords for your titles:
The 55 characters in your title are the most valuable real estate on eBay. A seller must select keywords which describe their product exactly while also maximizing their average price and sell-through rate.

Know when to list with Buy It Now or for Auction:
Terapeak makes it easy to know when to sell items in a Fixed Price Buy It Now format or to place your item up for auction. With Terapeak a seller can quantify how each format effects average price, sell-through, and total sales.

Quick, easy, & invaluable:
Terapeak is the only eBay Research tool that presents an amazing wealth of information in such an easy to understand layout. eBay sellers can quickly get to the information they personally need without becoming lost along the way.

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Learn from the best eBay sellers in the world:
Terapeak's eBay research tools will show for any search or category the top eBay sellers and their total revenue, average price, sell-through and more. Before entering a market sellers must be aware of their potential competition.

Find the hottest categories on eBay:
Terapeak helps eBay sellers find the categories with the highest bids per listing, sell-through rate and the highest average price. Once a seller discovers this category, they can research the top eBay sellers and learn from their experience.

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